Postgraduate teaching

The following teaching was at the University of Southampton.

  • ELEC6003, MSc Individual Project (2010): supporting 27 students with their dissertations.
  • COMP6200 MSc Individual Project (2009 - 2010): supporting postgraduate students whose first language is not English.
  • WEBS6203 Interdisciplinary Thinking (2014): guest lecture

Undergraduate teaching

The following teaching was at the University of Southampton, except where otherwise stated.

  • COMP1004, Programming Principles (2007): Supporting students during labs, and marking their work.
  • COMP2006, Human Computer Interaction (2008-09, 2012): Marking student reports, delivering a guest lecture.
  • COMP2012, Software Engineering Group Project (2007 - 2010): Supervising students. I was chosen to work with the more challenging groups.
  • COMP2213: Interaction Design (2014): Guest lecture
  • ELEC2018, Software Development (2007, 2009): Marking student reports and UML.
  • INFO2011, Integrative Project (2007): Project client for a group of students.
  • INFO3005, Security & Information Technology (2012): Delivered a guest lecture on graphical passwords.
  • ELEC6026, Distributed Computing Systems (2009 and 2010). Marking student presentations.
  • Supervisor of a visiting Bachelorarbeit (Bachelor thesis) student from the University of Münster’s Bachelor Geoinformatics programme. (Culture Lab, 2012).


  • Ran a tutorial: “Analysis, Redesign and Evaluation with Teasing Apart, Piecing Together” at the DESIRE’11 Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design.
  • Summer schools introducing local students to universities and computer science (2006 - 2009)
  • Mentoring a pre-GCSE student via STEMNET (2009 - 2010)