• I now take insulin USING MY PHONE, folks

    Back in June I started using an insulin pump, and very recently I began looping. Looping is connecting your insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with software to automatically adjust your insulin levels as glucose levels change. Yep, I now trust a computer to finetune my insulin. There were a couple of intermediate steps; I planned to write about this incrementally, but that didn’t happen so here’s a summary. Why? The main reason I...

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  • Time management part two

    Back in January I wrote about time management, work, and kids; this is part two on the topic. For context, my husband and I each work a 40 hour week. We have 2 small kids (aged 1 and 3). The kids go to different daycares, and 1 year old’s daycare only covers 9 hours a day. Accounting for commuting, that doesn’t leave a lot of slack. So, how to manage? First up, I’m really enjoying...

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  • On pumping insulin with Omnipod

    I started using an insulin pump this week. This doesn’t exactly make me an early adopter, but multiple daily injections have worked fine for me for many years. What prompted this change was the prospect of looping: linking the input (insulin) and the output (glucose levels) with a computer, to which you outsource some of the thinking and management. I’m not yet looping yet, as I’m awaiting the parts for a more mainstream glucose monitoring...

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  • Culture at Ayogo

    It’s already almost 3 months since my last post… time flies. I promised two follow-ups back then, one about life at Ayogo, and another about time management with children and work. This post is about the former topic. I continue to be impressed by the professionalism of my colleagues at Ayogo, and their kindness. I am fortunate to work with thoughtful people. For example, I’ve noticed that my manager consistently works very actively to place...

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  • Research at Ayogo

    My previous post about time management for professionals with kids alluded to a change in my professional role. I am very pleased to say that I recently joined Ayogo Health as Research Lead. Ayogo is a health technology firm focused on supporting patients with chronic illnesses in better managing those illnesses. This can take a variety of forms, e.g. supporting healthy communication between patients and their families, helping patients take their meds in the right...

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