My colleagues over at Simon Fraser University reached out to ask if I might judge a hackathon being organised by some of their students.

In the wake of a prolonged period of full-time work and no childcare last year, I’m being cautious about commitments this year, but a few hours on a Sunday afternoon supporting this event sounded like a good call, and it was.

Storm Hacks ran this weekend, focusing on:

  • connections & digital interactions
  • environment & sustainability
  • health & wellness

My co-judges and session facilitator were lovely, and in a few hours we saw over a dozen projects, including such bright ideas as a ‘business card’ but for gamers (what do you play? what do you like? who do you play with?), several lovely projects to visualise / demystify fair trade products, an anonymous distributed support system, a way to take ‘going to the movies’ online, and – perhaps most relevant to my life? – a solution for people in 50 different Slack workspaces :P

Of course, nothing is the same in Covid: it would have been so nice to have mingled with people, in the same space! In the presence of a Covid-ridden world, however, it does at least feel good to do a few meaningful things like this.