My previous post about time management for professionals with kids alluded to a change in my professional role. I am very pleased to say that I recently joined Ayogo Health as Research Lead.

Ayogo is a health technology firm focused on supporting patients with chronic illnesses in better managing those illnesses. This can take a variety of forms, e.g. supporting healthy communication between patients and their families, helping patients take their meds in the right way, or assisting patients in choosing between different treatment options.

I am super excited to be part of this organisation. The team, the domain and the research methods are all a good match for me:-

People: The team have been very welcoming and are quite clearly pros. Long-term readers will know I love interdisciplinary work, and my fellow Ayogis hail from all manner of contexts: service design, software dev, psychology, UX, visual design – and there’s a pharmacist too :)

Domain: Growing up on SF (and Star Trek: The Next Generation in particular) I’ve always been excited by the potential of technology to improve the world around us. I’m most motivated when I feel that my work is going to have some kind of positive impact. I’m currently working on projects supporting folks with MS in one case, and Chronic Kidney Disease in the other. That’s meaningful.

Research: During my first week I heard serious reference to the use of branching narratives and culturally adaptive interfaces. Oh my! I was excited to find an interview guide with that magic extra column to note the reasoning or goal behind each question: so useful, and so rarely done. It’s also clear that my role includes some engagement with folks in academia, which is pleasing.

I need to write at least a couple more posts - one about general impressions of the company (atmosphere, culture, the office dog), and one revisiting my musings about time management with children and work. Watch this space.