It’s already almost 3 months since my last post… time flies. I promised two follow-ups back then, one about life at Ayogo, and another about time management with children and work. This post is about the former topic.

I continue to be impressed by the professionalism of my colleagues at Ayogo, and their kindness. I am fortunate to work with thoughtful people. For example, I’ve noticed that my manager consistently works very actively to place herself in the shoes of people unlike her; meanwhile, our VP of Technology recently wrote about diversity at Ayogo.

The hierarchies are flat, and questions are welcome; bonusly is frequently used to say ‘thank you’; a monthly “salad-bration” let’s us acknowledge wins, birthdays and the like; and twice-weekly mini stretch sessions are happening.

We’re next door to Emily Carr University of Art and Design. It’s good to be near the energy of a university (and this particular campus puts me in mind of TU Eindhoven’s department of Industrial Design). It also turns out that Interesting non-Ayogo people are not far off, including old contacts from UBC (who visit campus occasionally), and an R&D buddy from Samsung.

My only real criticism early on was the atrocious Stash branded Earl Grey in the kitchen cupboard. The CEO then came by with some Tesco Finest branded Earl Grey just for me! I swear I didn’t tell him I was going to write this blog post…