I haven’t yet posted about the blend of consultancy I’ve been doing since moving to Canada. Of course, with NDAs being what they are, I can’t write in depth about specifics – companies, clients etc. – but I can share my activities. The verbs, if you will, rather than the nouns :)

Regarding the nouns, I’ve worked on pleasantly different projects in education, government services, FinTech and ecommerce.

And as for the verbs, it’s been UX work in 4 broad areas:-

Leading: I’ve typically been working in roles where I’m leading research, often driving planning and execution. In one substantial project, I was also on-boarding new staff as things ramped up; in another project, I owned the client relationship.

Researching: I adore research, and it’s certainly in my comfort zone. I’ve been doing both desk and field research, from stakeholder workshops to phone and in-person interviews. I found the latter particularly striking: I flew to Vancouver Island to do observations and interviews in several areas, including a First Nations reserve. As someone raised in Europe, this was a whole culture that I’d never really been exposed to. I also got to stretch myself when conducting research with children with learning difficulties.

Analysing: lots of coding and qualitative analysis, and of course synthesis and bringing the threads together for actionable insights.

Designing: the above activities, in various combinations, fed into wireframing (from pen and paper to interactive Axure prototypes), and of course design recommendations.

All of these were great experiences. I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been balancing time with my baby and toddler while freelancing part-time. As the children grow, I’m now looking into full-time options for later this year, ideally something that will let me continue to learn and grow. Watch this space…