• Storm Hacks 2021

    My colleagues over at Simon Fraser University reached out to ask if I might judge a hackathon being organised by some of their students. In the wake of a prolonged period of full-time work and no childcare last year, I’m being cautious about commitments this year, but a few hours on a Sunday afternoon supporting this event sounded like a good call, and it was. Storm Hacks ran this weekend, focusing on: connections & digital...

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  • WebSci20: Personalisation and Community 2020 workshop

    When I proposed a workshop for this year’s ACM Web Science conference, I believed I’d deliver it in Southampton, UK. COVID-19, of course, meant things ran rather differently, and I was up rather early today (on the west coast) to kick off this 2pm (UK time) workshop online. We had a lively discussion, examining the huge topics of personalisation / adaption of technology for individuals, and fostering community online. We enjoyed talks from two invited...

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  • Pandemic silver linings: joining the 2020 Knowledge Graph Conference

    There is a great deal to rail against in current world circumstances, but silver linings exist. One, for me, was the ability to join a workshop on Personal Health Knowledge Graphs, part of the Knowledge Graph Conference. (A knowledge graph is a way to store, structure and query information; it’s cool stuff.) In previous world circumstances, the odds of my heading to the US to join would have been fairly low, but signing in on...

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  • Canadian words for the win

    “Roly poly” to mean woodlouse? “Polliwog” to mean tadpole? Heck yes. Polliwog has great etymology, too.

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  • Type 1 diabetes -- managing hikes with an insulin pump

    Back in August I did a couple of hikes, for the first time in way too long. I’m sharing my notes to myself about managing blood sugar in this context, in case it’s useful for anyone else. Obviously this is only what worked for me, your milage may vary, talk to your doctor before making treatment decisions, etc. :P increase blood sugar to at least 8mmol/l before beginning suspend insulin delivery as soon as you...

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