• Research at Ayogo

    My previous post about time management for professionals with kids alluded to a change in my professional role. I am very pleased to say that I recently joined Ayogo Health as Research Lead. Ayogo is a health technology firm focused on supporting patients with chronic illnesses in better managing those illnesses. This can take a variety of forms, e.g. supporting healthy communication between patients and their families, helping patients take their meds in the right...

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  • Time management for professionals with kids

    I’m about to make a life change that involves leaving the world of freelancing – more on which in due course :) For now, suffice it to say that it’s a great opportunity that involves dropping the flexibility of freelancing (in which I choose my own hours and, often, my home office) for a 40-hour week and a commute. This raises one issue: time! Even freelancing, that’s been an issue. My husband and I find...

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  • Freelancing and job hunting

    I haven’t yet posted about the blend of consultancy I’ve been doing since moving to Canada. Of course, with NDAs being what they are, I can’t write in depth about specifics – companies, clients etc. – but I can share my activities. The verbs, if you will, rather than the nouns :) Regarding the nouns, I’ve worked on pleasantly different projects in education, government services, FinTech and ecommerce. And as for the verbs, it’s been...

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  • Villainy

    Sometimes academia can be more of a calling than a career. I’ve spent the last few years balancing freelance work with family responsibilities; immediately before that, I was doing applied research. For all that, I find it satisfying to engage in blue skies thinking from time to time… especially if it’s villanous! (“Aviators” by katylevinson, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0) It was, as ever, a pleasure to work with Mark Bernstein on a paper for...

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  • Returning to work, and balance in the day-to-day of family life

    A friend called me an inspiration this week, in the context of recent changes I’ve made in my work and family life, specifically a part-time return to work while managing a baby and toddler. The feedback prompted me to write this post. (Thanks, Rikki!) The topic of “work / life pressures on mothers and young families” has been done to death in general, but here’s an example of one way to balance things that is...

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