This website focuses on my professional life, detailing things I’ve done as well as ongoing thoughts in the time-honoured format of a blog. See the links in the header above for depth, or read on for an overview.

I’m an enthusiastic, committed Computer Scientist, bringing over twelve years of experience in human computer interaction, user experience and web science. My passion and drive in these areas have led to publications, international speaking engagements and chairing discussion panels at formal symposiums.

I work as Research Lead at Ayogo Health, a company focused on empowering patients with chronic health conditions via well-tailored technological interventions. I enjoy a wide remit, from coordinating user testing and market research through to collaborating with clinicians and academics as they run Randomised Controlled Trials to evaluate our interventions. Responsibilities include qualitative and quantitative analysis, operationalising research, and conveying implications of primary and secondary research to inform business decisions.

I thrive in diverse contexts and am an able communicator across disciplines and work contexts, translating technical content for non-technical audiences, and vice versa. I have proposed, won and led interdisciplinary projects that have brought together experts from diverse disciplines. For example, one project combined specialists from health sciences, engineering, business and computer science; another brought together professionals from criminology, linguistics and computer science. I excel at facilitating mixed stakeholder groups: in a 500k EUR project that I led, I was responsible for a team of people from 18 different organisations across industry and academia, spread over 9 countries.

For more details, feel free to browse my projects and professional activities, or view my resume or LinkedIn profile.

A results-focused professional, I can provide leadership, high quality analysis and strategic insights. If I can help, get in touch: clare@clarehooper.net