• Mac OS X El Capitan upgrade: backup reminders first!

    Having just upgraded to Mac OS X El Capitan -- which, by the by, is treating me well -- I have one gotcha to share. Its in the title of this post: make sure you backup your reminders first, at least assuming that you don't have 'em on iCloud. My experience may or may not be the norm, but what happened for me is that everything was absoutely fine... except that post-upgrade, all of my...

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  • WebSci'15

    As per my previous post about building and observing social machines, I had the pleasure of travelling to Oxford a few weeks ago for Web Science 2015. As a resident of the south of England, this is the closest to home that WebSci has ever been for me! It was, of course, wonderful to catch up with old friends and new. Meanwhile, here are some observations on the structure of the conference, its content, and...

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  • Building and observing social machines

    I am delighted to be heading to Oxford for the 7th Web Science conference, ACM Web Science 2015. Thus far, I've never missed a WebSci; it is pleasing to maintain this trend! I'm author on two papers at the conference this year. It was my privilege to lead one reporting on work we've done in PRICE, a project about how we can involve collaborators more equally in inclusive research. I am also very pleased to...

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  • NaNoWriMo 2014

    One of the reasons for my relative silence of late is that I dived into NaNoWriMo during November. For the uninitiated, Nanowrimo (or just Nano) is an annual online creative writing event. In short, it involves making a commitment to write 50,000 words of fiction during the month of November -- equivalent to a short novel. Of course, it's a huge commitment: that 50,000 words is equivalent to 1,666 words for every day of the...

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  • Serious hypertext, Wikipedia and Gamergate

    In the past days, Mark Bernstein has published a series of thoughtful and deeply worrying pieces about the representation of Gamergate on Wikipedia. You can find the sequence here: Infamous Thoughtless Careless And a supplementary entry: Reckless A very, very brief summary is that the entry on Wikipedia about Gamergate has been the subject of weeks (running into months) of edit wars. It culminated in a decision from ArbCom, the highest user-run body of the...

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